The Unjust
A series of murders holds the nation in its sway and the longer the police fail to catch the murderer, the more the public begins to panic. It’s not long before it becomes a political matter and the president intervenes. When the prime suspect dies after a wild chase, it seems as though the investigations have come to a dead end. Choi, a highly successful investigator whose methods have always held him back from promotion, senses that this case might be his last chance to make something of his career. He and his old mentor Jang agree to arrest the next best suspect as the serial killer – whatever it might cost. When state prosecutor Joo hears about the questionable deal between Choi and Jang, it looks as though their plan is scuppered. Joo is determined to continue the investigation. Unfortunately, his motives are not entirely unselfish. Joo is being bribed by Kim, a property developer who just happens to be Jang’s arch-enemy. Just when it looks as if all the dirty tricks, dark deeds and treacherous secret deals are about to be exposed, all the stakeholders find themselves drawn deeper into the morass of questionable morals and open violation of the law. The search for the murderer begins to unite the four men, even though none are particularly interested in finding the culprit. Nonetheless, each one has their own reasons for wanting to solve this case – no matter how.
by Ryoo Seung-wan
with Hwang Jung-min, Ryoo Seung-bum, Yoo Hae-jin
South Korea 2010 120’

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CJ Entertainment

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