Taste The Waste

More than half of our food goes to waste. Most of it is already lost on its way from the field to the store before it ever even arrives on our tables. Every other lettuce, every other potato and one out of 5 loafs of bread. The system reaches around the world. Everything needs to be available at all times, supermarkets offer the full range of products year round. Bread needs to be fresh until the evening opening hours and strawberries need to be available any season of the year. In addition everything needs to look perfect. One sagging leaf of lettuce, one cut in a potato, one dent in an apple is reason enough to reject the product. Yoghurt cups are taken off the shelves and tossed out two days before their expiration date. There is, however, another way. All around the world people are trying to find alternatives to this insane wastefulness.
by Valentin Thurn Germany 2011 88’

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