The Abstract Prophecy Conference

“The Abstract Prophecy Conference” by Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir is a 45min long journey to the psychedelic vastness of the feminine mind. The artist controls an abstract power point blended in with music, videos, performances and poetry. It is a one-woman show but a dark haired lady will be her assistant, mixing Bloody Mary’s for her and occasionally playing one note on the keyboard. The characters in the performance are characters from non-existing films. Lost cinematic souls influenced by characters of such filmmakers as Sally Potter, Woody Allen and Ingmar Bergman. The whole situation is a cinematic experience with an audience daydreaming on the borders of a film experience as real time happening. As she notes, “I feel that there is a constant flow between performance and video art. I often bring performance into my installations, like dress up in the same colors as the work, and just lie on the floor like a ghost while the viewers walk by.”
by Asdis Sif Gunnarsdottir Iceland 2010 45’

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