The Six Dollar Fifty Man

Sechs Dollar Fünfzig Mann
Things are by no means easy at school in New Zealand in the seventies, especially if you’re a bit different from everyone else. At least this is what a fearless eight-year-old named Andy thinks. In his imagination, Andy lives the life of a superhero; he believes he has the power to show all the teenage playground hooligans who’s boss. But one day, Andy gets into trouble with the school’s head. He realises that he must face up to reality if he is going to save not just his own skin, but that of his friend, Mary.
by Mark Albiston, Louis Sutherland
with Oscar Vandy-Connor, Celina Russo-Bewick, Nick Blake, Carmel McGlone, Thomas Kimber, Sam Ahie
New Zealand 2009 15’ empfohlen ab 8 Jahren

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