Kutya éji dala

Dog's Night Song | Nachtlied des Hundes
Two passengers get off a cross-country bus in the middle of the night: a priest about to start his new job in a rural parish and a young astrophysicist who works in a nearby observatory. Just a few steps away from the bus stop, they come across a man in a ditch who has clearly just tried to kill himself. The man is a veteran communist who was shot during the people’s uprising in 1956 and has been in a wheelchair ever since. Weary of his existence for a long time now, he struggles vehemently against his would-be rescuers. Things start to change in the village, however, once the priest starts his work there. He makes friends with the wheelchair-bound veteran and also gives a young woman with a chronic lung disease new hope. The frustrated wife of an officer leaves her husband to sing in a punk band in Budapest. Her son, who she leaves behind in the village, spends many long hours with the astrophysicist. The child is given a Super 8 camera as a gift by a German tourist and starts filming his experiences. Soon, rumours are circulating that the priest might be an impostor. The police begin investigations. The veteran and the sick woman die. The priest flees.

by Gábor Bódy
with Gábor Bódy, Marietta Méhes, Attila Grandpierre
Hungary 1983 145’

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