Fireflies in the Garden

At first glance the Taylors look like the epitome of a successful American family. Charles, the head of the family, runs a university institute and is close to becoming its president; his son, Michael is a successful novelist; their daughter, Ryan, has just matriculated in law at an elite university, and wife and mother Lisa is about to complete her own studies that she gave up in order to look after the children. Reason enough to be happy and contented, thinks Michael, as he travels back to his small town in the Mid-West of the USA after a long absence for a family celebration. But before he arrives
his mother is involved in a tragic accident. Old family arguments come to the fore once again.
Charles is not just an ambitious professor; he is also an extremely domineering father. Once again, Michael’s long-buried memories surface – memories of dark summer days when his mother’s younger sister Jane used to live with them and Lisa almost left the family. This story of a family on the brink of disintegration as a result of pent up grudges, disappointments and mutual accusations is based on director Dennis Lee’s own semi-autobiographical screenplay.
by Dennis Lee
with Julia Roberts, Ryan Reynolds, Willem Dafoe, Emily Watson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hayden Panettiere
USA 2008 120’

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