Proschai, Yuzhnyi Gorod

Good Bye, Southern City
Baku at the end of the eighties. The political changes that will eventually lead to the disintegration of the Soviet Union have left their mark on the capital city of Azerbaijan. They also have palpable consequences for the lives of the ordinary inhabitants of this hospitable city on the Caspian Sea. A case in point is the house to which Fariz and his family move as new tenants. Fariz is a refugee from Nagorny Karabach, an autonomous area inside Azerbaijan largely populated by Armenians. He was forced to flee his home in the wake of the escalating nationality conflict. Before long, Fariz succeeds in awakening feelings of guilt among his new neighbours with respect to their supposed lack of political engagement. However, if truth be known, Fariz is only following his own personal interests - which have nothing to do with his impassioned declarations. The only person courageous enough to stand up to him is Alik, who belongs to a generation hampered by its inability to compromise - a problem that could well mean his downfall. A film about the end of deep-seated traditions, set against the backdrop of the protagonist's personal tragedy and the diverse problems of the neighbourhood where he lives.
by Oleg Safarliyev
with Fuad Poladov, Fakhratdin Manafov, Mekhriban Zaki, Timur Badalbeoly, Kamal Khudaverdiyev
Azerbaijan / Russian Federation 90’

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