The Lebanon in the year 2000. Not far from the old seafarer's fortress, Beaufort, is a military base with the same name kept by the Israeli army. This heavily guarded post has been here since the war in Lebanon in 1982. It is a symbol not only of Israel's most controversial campaign for military control of Lebanon, but also of a sacrificial struggle during which many soldiers lost their lives. The Israeli troops move out of Lebanon, leaving behind their base at Beaufort. On the evening of 24 May, the base is de stroyed, blown up by thousands of mines. The powerful explosion marks the end of 18 years of Israeli occupation.
This film tells the story of Liraz Liberti, the 22-year-old commander of Beaufort, and his troops during the last few months prior to their withdrawal. The story does not centre on the war but on their retreat. The base is still under enemy fire as Liraz prepares to explode the site, thus destroying everything that his friends and comrades have died for trying to defend.
Director Joseph Cedar: "The film is also the story of any battle in any war: it's about young people who are asked to give their lives for a mountain that will soon lose its significance. And it's about fear: contagious, intoxicating, palpable fear, a word Liraz Liberti never allowed himself to utter."
by Joseph Cedar
with Oshri Cohen, Itay Tiran, Eli Eltonyo, Ohad Knoller, Itay Turgeman
Israel 2007 120’

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