Der die Tollkirsche ausgräbt

Digging For Belladonna
It is the year 1918, during the era of silent, black-and-white cinema. Cecilie comes from a decent, but impoverished background. She has been promised to a rich man named Alfred. But Cecilie – so the inter-titles inform us – is far from enamoured by her parents’ plans. On the day before the wedding the family discover a piece of material in the garden belonging to a buried “mummy”. All at once, a punk from the 21st century stands before them – and even speaks to them! Cecilie falls in love with the stranger and from this moment on, events follow thick and fast. The only solution to their problem is an ancient, magic ritual, by which a belladonna must be dug up at midnight…
by Franka Potente
with Emilia Sparagna, Christoph Bach, Justus von Dohnanyi, Max Urlacher, Teresa Harder, Alexander Seidel
Germany 2006 40’

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