Cirkeline og verdens mindste superhelt

Little Big Mouse | Cirkeline und die Supermaus
In this, her third adventure, Circleen goes on holiday to Turkey. Not wanting to stay at home, her little friends, the mice Ingolf, Frederik and Viktor decide to follow Circleen. The merry band secret themselves onto grandfather’s ship which is due to set sail on the next tide, heading south. On board, the mice meet a number of other stowaways, one of whom is a very bright and fearless little mouse named Ali, who is seeking her fortune in the big, wide world. Before Ali and Circleen’s friends know it, they are all suddenly embroiled in all sorts of adventures. And this is no wonder, for grandfather is an old pirate and absolutely hates having children on board! The little crew of mice are drawn to the massive mountain of cheese that has to be on board somewhere, but, naturally, neither the ship’s cook, nor the captain and certainly not the ship’s cat are on friendly terms with the mice.
In the end, Ali springs a big surprise on everyone when she reveals that her real name is Özlem and that she is, in fact, a girl. She’s fed up of not being able to do as much as the boys and of being teased by her brothers. This voyage is intended to show them just how brave she really is. At the same time, Özlem misses her family. And they miss her, too – especially her grandmother, to whom Özlem is very close. Happily, in the midst of all the turmoil, Circleen has an idea where Özlem might be found and sets about helping Özlem’s family to find her.
This is Jannik Hastrup’s tenth appearance at the Kinderfilmfest of the Berlinale. Since his 1984 work, SAMSON & SALLY, he has been one of Europe’s most successful animators. The adventures of Cirkeline and her friends have found a growing number of fans – and not just in Scandinavia.
by Jannik Hastrup
with Animation
Denmark 2004 80’ empfohlen ab 5 Jahren

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