Schatten der Zeit

Shadows Of Time
A carpet factory near Calcutta in pre-independence India is the scene for a tragic love story between Ravi and Masha, two children whose parents have sold them to the factory.
Ravi believes that money alone decides whether you are able to lead a life of freedom or one of slavery. For this reason he has been resiliently saving his wages, with just one aim – to put the factory behind him and live a life of his own in the town. When Ravi learns, however, that the factory manager intends to sell Masha to a pimp, he sacrifices his entire savings in order to be able to purchase her freedom. As they part, Masha promises to wait for Ravi at every full moon at Calcutta’s great Shiva temple.
Years later, Ravi leaves the factory and makes his way to the temple. Masha, now an celebrated dancer, also sets off at full moon for this holy shrine in the hope of encountering Ravi. In vain. Only years later, when the two have already reconciled themselves to their fate and have both married other partners, do they meet again. Hesitant at first, they soon find themselves overpowered by their feelings for each other and follow their hearts.
by Florian Gallenberger
with Tannishtha Chatterjee, Prashanth Narayanan, Tillotama Shome, Irrfan Kahn
Germany 2004 100’

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