Sagan Kushik kerek pe ?

Do You Need A Puppy ? | Hündchen zu verschenken
Azamat is either lucky, or unlucky – he’s not sure which – when three little dogs come tumbling into grandfather’s garden at the boy’s heels. What’s more, they’ve absolutely no respect for shoes belonging to elderly people. Their habit of peeing into granddad’s slippers whenever they feel like it means that the old man is far from pleased about the clumsy offspring. Granddad decides they’ve got to go – immediately. And that’s an order.
Azamat has to think fast if he’s going to save his little bundles of fun from certain death, and so he does the rounds of all his friends and acquaintances, trying to find the puppies a loving home. However, in spite of Azamat’s pleading and the irresistible hangdog expressions on the puppies’ faces it proves impossible to find a better place for the little dogs other than at Azamat’s side.
by Kanymbek Kassymbekov
with Azamat Omarov, Atageldi Ismailov, Tamara Kosubaeva
Kazakhstan 2003 62’ empfohlen ab 4 Jahren

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