Mon bat liu

Lost In Time
The accident happens one rainy day when Ah Man is driving home. The driver of an oncoming lorry loses control of his vehicle and it collides with Ah Man’s minibus. All attempts to save Ah Man’s life are in vain. Prior to his death, Ah Man married a woman named Siu Wai. Ah Man’s wife’s family were against her marrying him on account of his previous marriage and the extra responsibility for Siu Wai of having to look after Ah Man’s son, Lok Lok. Dai Fai, a colleague of Ah Man’s tries to help Ah Man’s young widow as best as he can.
Siu Wai has Ah Man’s wrecked minibus repaired and takes on her husband’s old job. Gradually, Dai Fai comes to realise the true extent of Siu Wai’s financial difficulties. Before long, the rent and the instalments for the bus all begin to get out of hand and Siu Wai decides she will have to ask Lok Lok’s biological mother to take care of him. But Lok Lok’s mother has just married again and doesn’t want to take him on. Siu Wai, who has a deep affection for Lok Lok, even begins to consider placing him in an orphanage, when Dai Fai steps in, promising to take care of the child. The three begin living together; it’s almost as if they were one family – even though Dai Fai has a wife and child of his own. But then, Dai Fai’s marriage falls apart and, all at once, nothing is the same as it was before.
by Derek Yee
with Cecilia Cheung, Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo, Harashima Daichi
Hong Kong, China 2003 109’

World sales

China Star Entertainment Group

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