Zwischen Nacht und Tag

Between Night And Day
Achim Maerz is a 35-year-old underground train driver who leads a quiet, well-ordered existence. He and his girlfriend Katrin are planning a future together; he enjoys a relaxed, pleasant relationship with all his colleagues, including his best friend, Klaus. All of this comes to an abrupt end the day he pulls into a station and notices – all too late – a woman on the platform take a running jump in front of his train. As the woman leaps before the driver’s cab, Achim’s eyes meet hers, just for the fraction of a second. Just for a moment – a moment that Achim will never forget – time stands still. But there is nothing he can do to stop the train from running over her.
Haunted by the look in the suicide victim’s eyes, Achim struggles to come to terms with the memory of this event – although he would much prefer to shut it out altogether. The plans that he and Katrin were busy forging all fade into the background. Tortured by his memory of that fateful day, Achim embarks upon a lonely period of soul-searching. The suicide victim’s last look appears to have stirred something deep inside Achim that he cannot escape. Finally, Achim’s entire sphere of reference becomes reduced to what has happened. He begins to suffer from sudden flashes of memory, anxiety attacks, sleeplessness and an over-sensitivity to light and noise – all of which only serves to make him increasingly introverted. Before long, the border between reality and imagination begins to blur, until Achim’s once highly ordered world is on the brink of collapse . . .
by Nicolai Rohde
with Richy Müller, Nicolette Krebitz, Sólveig Arnarsdóttir
Germany 2003 88’

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