La prophétie des grenouilles

Raining Cats And Frogs | Die Prophezeiung der Frösche
“The rain will be terrible! The rivers will overflow, the dams will burst and there will be flooding everywhere. A Great Flood will come that will cover the entire world. All living things will drown in the rising waters. Is anybody listening? A new Great Flood is coming!”
Unfortunately, nobody is listening to the frogs’ prophecy, except for the farmer Ferdinand, who manages to save himself on an improvised Noah’s ark as the bad weather sets in. It rains for forty days and nights, after which time the world is just one big ocean containing Ferdinand’s raft with the children and the zoo animals that managed to survive. The showers of rain continue. When it looks as though there’s no end in sight to the downpour, the travellers move closer together. Supplies begin to run out, but at least there’s plenty of potatoes, so the vegetarians on board can eat their fill. The carnivores, however, are starting to look longingly at the well-fed pigs. The mood deteriorates with each passing day. Moreover, there’s one devious, mendacious beast who doesn’t miss a single opportunity to sow the seeds of discord among the survivors. The children have got to keep on their toes to call a halt to the machinations of this malicious creature and ensure the survival of each and every species.
by Jacques-Rémy Girerd
France 2003 90’ empfohlen ab 8 Jahren

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