Nuit d'orage

Stormy Night | Gewitternacht
A little girl lies awake in bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep. Her head is full of thoughts and knotty questions which keep her awake such as: where do I come from? Where does the universe end? And: who lives on all those stars in the firmament? Just as she thinks she’d like to drop off to sleep, the wind outside begins to howl. A storm is brewing. Who can sleep now? And anyway, why do people have thoughts and where do ideas come from? There’s no point in trying to settle down to sleep anymore – there’s simply too much going on inside her head. Eventually, she can’t keep her eyes open anymore and falls asleep at last.
by Michèle Lemieux
Canada 2003 10’ empfohlen ab 6 Jahren

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National Film Board of Canada

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