It’s always been Kåre’s great unfulfilled dream to play for Manchester United – just once in his life. But right now he’s working at the local shipyard. He lives with his childhood sweetheart, Anna, and spends his time off training with the local football team. The couple have no children, no dog, no cat – not even a goldfish or a hamster. Their relationship is founded on their shared interest in football and their passion for Manchester United. They even intend holding their wedding ceremony at Old Trafford, United’s legendary stadium – at least that’s what Kåre would like to do.
Just as Anna is beginning to tire of Kåre’s fantasies, Stian arrives on the scene. Kåre’s onetime rival from his schooldays has been brought in to find a way of saving the failing shipyard, which is on the brink of financial ruin. Not only does Stian’s presence spell trouble for the shipyard, it also throws Kåre and Anna’s relationship into turmoil, because Stian has always shown more than a passing interest in Anna. The first thing Stian does is to fire a large number of the shipyard’s workers. Naturally, Kåre is on the list of those given the chop. . .
UNITED is a romantic comedy about crazy dreams; about love, football and life in the small towns of western Norway.
by Magnus Martens
with Håvard Lilleheie, Berte Rommetveit, Vegar Hoel, Sondre Sørhe im
Norway 2003 85’

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