Barber Yoshino

Yoshino's Barber Shop | Yoshinos Frisörsalon
A little coastal town where everyone knows everyone, and everybody makes sure nobody steps out of line. The inhabitants of this particular town keep a rather strange tradition: all the boys – no matter what age – have the same haircut. Just who thought up this pageboy-cum-saucepan haircut or where it came from nobody seems to know. Certainly, no-one has ever thought twice about it – at least until a boy from the big city with dyed blond hair moves to their tiny community.
No sooner has the newcomer arrived than Yoshino sets about sharpening her scissors, ready to give him the traditional short back and sides. However, the city lad has long since become a conversation piece for all and sundry; his mere presence triggers off a series of questions which rock the foundations of the whole community. Could the reason for their traditional hairstyle be the fact that this is the only haircut Yoshino knows? And anyway, can one use a pair of scissors to carve out a tradition? All at once, Yoshino’s barber shop is the centre of attention. The little town on the coast is about to experience a hair-raising revolution.
by Naoko Ogigami
with Masako Motai, Ryo Yoneda, Shota Okawa, Kazuyuki Asano
Japan 2003 96’ empfohlen ab 9 Jahren

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Pia Corporation

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