E.K.G. EXPOSITUS (die öffentlichen und die künstlerischen Medien)

E.K.G. EXPOSITUS (the Broadcast and the Artistic Media)
Immanuel Kant Hospital in Neukölln, Berlin. Midnight. A patient is being admitted. TV journalists are on the spot. – The beginning of a story that tells itself.
At the beginning of the film it seems as if a dramatic story will unfold, but as it progresses the film develops into a reflection on storytelling itself. The making of the film and of its images gradually becomes the focus of the film. The topic of how the pictures are treated is taken up on several different levels of medial narration, visualised and documented, starting with the origins (the shoot), then in the reports about it on television, and on to the film itself, the “original” which the spectators are watching “live” in the cinema at this very moment.
EKG examines the endurance (as well as the transience) of the expectations people have with film and television. EKG is a dramatic film and an experimental game.
Michael Brynntrup
by Michael Brynntrup
with Tim Lienhard, Bernhard Bieniek, Jochen Paul, Petra Krause, Michael Brynntrup
Germany 2003 101’

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