Berlinale: Programme

Programme 1994


Alles auf Anfang | Back To Square One
by Reinhard Münster, Germany
All Out At Sea | Auf hoher See
by Imogen Kimmel, Germany
Al otro lado del tunel | Am anderen Ende des Tunnels
by Jaime de Arminan, Spain
A magzat | Foetus | Der Embryo
by Márta Mészáros, Hungary / Poland
A terceira margem do rio | The Third Bank Of The River | Das dritte Ufer des Flusses
by Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Brazil
by Christophe Fraipont, Belgium / France
Bob's Birthday | Bobs Geburtstag
by Alison Snowden, David Fine, Canada
Cari fottutissimi amici | Dear Goddam Friends | Liebe verdammte Freunde
by Mario Monicelli, Italy
Charachar | Shelter Of The Wings | Der Schutz der Flügel
by Buddhadeb Dasgupta, India
Der Blaue | The Blue One
by Lienhard Wawrzyn, Germany
Die Geschichten des O.
by Angela Holtschmidt, Germany
Die Gorgo | The Gorgon
by Anri Koulev, Germany / Bulgaria
by Bruno Bozzetto, Italy
Els de davant | The Window Over The Way | Die Leute gegenüber
by Jesús Garay, Spain / France
by Paul Cox, Australia
Fearless | Fearless - Jenseits der Angst
by Peter Weir, USA
Fight da Faida
by Vincenzo Gioanola, Italy
Fresa y chocolate | Strawberry And Chocolate | Erdbeer und Schokolade
by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea,J.C.Tabío, Cuba / Mexico
God sobaki | The Year Of The Dog | Das Jahr des Hundes
by Semjon Aranowitsch, Russian Federation / France
Hamu | Ashes | Asche
by Ferenc Cakó, Hungary
Här är karusellen | Revolver
by Bergqvist,Odell,Ohlson,u.a., Sweden
Huo Hu | Sparkling Fox | Der Rotfuchs
by Wu Zi-niu, Hong Kong / People's Republic of China
by Chang Sun Woo, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Il giudice ragazzino | Law Of Courage | Der jugendliche Richter
by Alessandro di Robilant, Italy
In The Name Of The Father | Im Namen des Vaters
by Jim Sheridan, United Kingdom / Ireland
Ladybird, Ladybird
by Ken Loach, United Kingdom
No Smoking
by Alain Resnais, France
Pas très catholique | Something Fishy
by Tonie Marshall, France
by Jonathan Demme, USA
Saschko | Sashko
by Mukola Kaptan, Ukraine
by Alain Resnais, France
Trzy kolory: bialy | Three Colors: White | Drei Farben: Weiß
by Krzysztof Kieslowski, Poland / France

Competition (out of competition)

Abschied von Agnes | Farewell To Agnes
by Michael Gwisdek, Germany
Carlito's Way
by Brian de Palma, USA
Little Buddha
by Bernardo Bertolucci, United Kingdom / France
by Richard Attenborough, United Kingdom / USA
The Remains Of The Day | Was vom Tage übrig blieb
by James Ivory, United Kingdom / USA
Tichie stranicy | Whispering Pages | Verborgene Seiten
by Aleksandr Sokurov, Germany / Russian Federation

Competition (Special Screening)

La ciociara | Two Women | Und dennoch leben sie
by Vittorio De Sica, Italy / France


800 Two Lap Runners
by Ryuichi Hiroki, Japan
Akt | Nude
by Aleksandr Rogoschkin, Russian Federation / France
A la belle étoile | Under The Stars | Unter freiem Himmel
by Antoine Desrosières, France / Switzerland
Alice In Plasmaland
by Jonas Odell, Magnus Carlsson, Sweden
All You Can Eat
by Michael Brynntrup, Germany
Always On My Mind
by Jacob C.L. Cheung, Hong Kong
Angesichts ihrer fatalen Veranlagung scheidet Lilo Wanders.. | In View Of Her Fatal Inclination Lilo Wanders Gives Up..... | ...freiwillig aus dem Leben
by Jörg Fockele, Germany
Anna: 6 - 18
by Nikita Michalkov, Russian Federation / France
Armand! Ma promenade! | Armand! My Promenade!
by Marc Bodin-Joyeux, France
Avenue X
by Leslie McCleave, USA / Ireland
by Morgan Freeman, USA
By The Dawn's Early Light
by Knud Vesterskov, Denmark
Cancer In Two Voices
by Lucy Massie Phenix, USA
Carmelita Tropicana: Your Kunst Is Your Waffen
by Ela Troyano, USA
Carnival Moon | Der Karnevalmond
by Adrienne Berofsky, USA
Central Park
by Sande Zeig, USA
Chicks In White Satin
by Elaine Holliman, USA
Coming Out Under Fire | Unter Beschuß
by Arthur Dong, USA
Dansaren | The Dancer | Der Tänzer
by Donya Feuer, Sweden
Darker Side Of Black
by Isaac Julien, United Kingdom
Dialogues With Madwomen
by Allie Light, USA
Dshazira | The Island
by Bako Sadykov, Tajikistan / Kazakhstan
Eduard Shevardnadze-iz proshlovo v budushtseye | Edouard Shevardnadze-From Past to Future | Eduard Schewardnadze - aus der Vergangenheit in die Zukunft
by Ivars Seleckis, Latvia / Russian Federation
Eesti esimene kodanik | The First Citizen of Estonia | Erster Bürger in Lettland
by Mark Soosaar, Estonia / Finland
Ekspres Informatsia | Express-Information | Expreß-Information
by Eldar Schengelaja, Georgia / Germany
by Valter Neto, USA
Federal Hill
by Michael Corrente, USA
Fire Eyes
by Soraya Mires, USA
by Peter McCarthy, USA
Fresh Kill
by Shu Lea Cheang, USA
Gakko | A Class To Remember
by Yoji Yamada, Japan
Girl From Moush
by Gariné Torossian, Canada
Go Fish
by Rose Troche, USA
Golpes a mi puerta | Knocks At My Door
by Alejandro Saderman, Venezuela
Gozideh Tasvir Dar Doran-e Ghajar | A Selection Of Images In Ghajar Dynasty
by Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Iran
Grief | Kummer
by Richard Glatzer, USA
Gut drauf, schlecht dran | Good Vibrations, Bad Situations
by Lothar Lambert, Germany
Hate Mail
by Mark Sawers, Canada
Heavy Blow
by Hoang A.Duong, USA
Hin helgu vé | The Sacred Mound | Die heiligen Gefilde
by Hrafn Gunnlaugsson, Iceland / Sweden
by H.Len Keller, USA
Im Bus
by C.Cay Wesnigk, Germany
Jeanne la pucelle - les batailles | Jeanne La Pucelle - The Battles
by Jacques Rivette, France
Jeanne la pucelle - les prisons | Jeanne La Pucelle - The Prisons
by Jacques Rivette, France
Köln ruft Kairo
by Vaclav Reischl, Germany
La nage indienne | Sidestroke
by Xavier Durringer, France
L'articolo 2 - della costituzione italiana | Article 2 - Of The Italian Constitution | Der Artikel 2 der italienischen Konstitution
by Maurizio Zaccaro, Italy
Machabbat beketi | The Love Station | Bahnhof der Liebe
by Talgat Temenov, Kazakhstan
Mach die Musik leiser | Turn Down The Music
by Thomas Arslan, Germany
M.A.Numminen sings Wittgenstein
by Claes Olsson, Finland
Mavi Sürgün | The Blue Exile | Das blaue Exil
by Erden Kiral, Germany / Turkey
by Catherine Benedek, USA
Metzger Victor | Butcher Victor
by Ursula Steinwandel, Germany
Mi hermano del alma | My Soul Brother
by Mariano Barroso, Spain
New Freedom | Neue Freiheit
by Camera Obscura, USA
by Andreas Struck, Germany
Noegne | Naked | Körper
by Malene Stensgaard, Denmark
Okno v Pariz | Window To Paris | Fenster nach Paris
by Jurij Mamin, France / Russian Federation
One Nation Under God
by T. Maniaci, F. Rzeznik, USA
One Way Ticket To Oblivion
by Colette Bothof, Netherlands
Out Of Sight
by David Sutherland, USA
Out: Stories Of Lesbian And Gay Youth
by David Adkin, Canada
Ou Va Parandeh Hayash | He, And His Birds
by Farshad Fad, Iran
Paoda shuangdeng | Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker
by He Ping, People's Republic of China / Hong Kong
Phoolan Devi - Rebellion einer Banditin
by Mirjam Quinte, Germany / India
Priveste inainte cu minie | Look Forward In Anger
by Nicolae Márgineanu, Romania
Remembrance Of Things Fast
by John Maybury, United Kingdom
Rex Benny - Der Blindflug | Rex Benny - Blind Flight
by Frank Erftemeier, Germany
River Of Grass
by Kelly Reichardt, USA
Rose Red
by Simon Pummell, United Kingdom
Sandra Bernhard - Confession Of A Pretty Lady
by Kristiene Clarke, United Kingdom
by Colette Cullen,Sarah Myland, United Kingdom
Senkiföldje | Why Wasn't He There? | Niemandsland
by András Jeles, France / Hungary
by Nabyendu Chatterjee, India
Soldaten Soldaten | Soldiers Soldiers
by Elfi Mikesch, Germany
by Im Kwon Taek, Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Sto dnei do prikaza | 100 Days Before The Command
by Hussein Erkenow, Russian Federation
by Frans Buyens, Belgium
The Heart Of The Matter
by Gini Reticker/Amber Hollibaugh, USA
The Jazz-Gallery
by Magnus Carlsson, Sweden
The Last Seduction
by John Dahl, USA
The Last Supper
by Daryl Hannah, USA
There We Are, John
by Ken McMullen, United Kingdom
The Woman Of The Wolf
by Greta Schiller, United Kingdom
Thick Lips Thin Lips | Lippen
by Paul Lee, Canada
Tirano Banderas
by José Luis García Sánchez, Spain / Cuba
Total Balalaika Show
by Aki Kaurismäki, Finland
Uvletschenja | Passions | Kleine Leidenschaften
by Kira Muratova, Russian Federation
Vokzal Brest | Bahnhof Brest
by Gerd Kroske, Germany
Waga jinsei saiaku no toki | The Most Terrible Time In My Life
by Kaizo Hayashi, Japan / Taiwan
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
by Lasse Hallström, USA
Zero Patience | Null Geduld
by John Greyson, Canada


92 heimeigui dui heimeigui | 92 Legendary La Rose Noire
by Jeffrey Lau, Hong Kong
Ab nach Tibet
by Herbert Achternbusch, Germany
Act Of War - The Overthrow Of The Hawaiian Nation
by Joan Lander,Puhipau, USA
Anna Zeit Land | Anna's Quest
by Christoph Hübner, Germany
Argamshaa | Shackles | Das Seil
by Nansal Uranchimeg, Mongolia
Aus dem Zeitalter des Übermuts: Dichtung und Wahrheit
by Klaus Wyborny, Germany
Bujany Nugel | An Unfortunate Fortune | Ein glückloses Glück
by N. Nyamdawaa, Mongolia
by David Jacobson, USA
Dans la vallée de la Wupper | In The Valley Of The Wupper | Im Tal der Wupper
by Amos Gitai, France
Das Leben des Jürgen von Golzow
by Barbara u. Winfried Junge, Germany
Der böhmische Knoten
by Pavel Schnabel, Germany
D'est | From The East | Von Osten
by Chantal Akerman, France / Belgium
Diamond Queen
by Homi Wadia, India
Dongchun di rizi | The Days | Wintertage, Frühlingstage
by Wang Xiaoshuai, Hong Kong / People's Republic of China
Eizo ni yoru ofukushokan
by Kohei Oguri,Slamet Rahaljo, Japan / Indonesia
Fang Shiyu | Fong Sai Yuk
by Yuen Kwai, Hong Kong
Fearless - The Hunterwali Story
by Riyad Vinci Wadia, India
by Elaine Proctor, United Kingdom / South Africa
Gowiin sereglee | The Mirage Above The Gobi Desert | Fata Morgana über der Wüste Gobi
by R. Dorjpalam, Mongolia
Grande Petite
by Sophie Fillières, France
Habehira vehagoral | Choice and Destiny | Wahl und Schicksal
by Tsipi Reibenbach, Israel
High Boot Benny
by Joe Comerford, Ireland
In A Time Of Violence
by Brian Tilley, South Africa
In Darkest Hollywood: Cinema & Apartheid
by Peter Davis,Daniel Riesenfeld, USA
It's All True
by R.Wilson,M.Meisel,B.Krohn, France / USA
Jardines colgantes | Hanging Gardens | Hängende Gärten
by Pablo Llorca, Spain
Jonas In The Desert
by Peter Sempel, Germany
Ladoni | The Palms | Handflächen
by Artur Aristakisjan, Russian Federation
La estrategia del caracol | The Snail Strategy | Die Strategie der Schnecke
by Sergio Cabrera, Colombia
L'arbre, le maire et la mediathèque | The Tree, The Mayor and the Mediatheque | Der Baum, der Bürgermeister und die Mediathek
by Eric Rohmer, France
Le Ceneri di Pasolini | Die Asche Pasolinis
by Pasquale Misuraca, Italy
Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses
by Aki Kaurismäki, Finland
Les enfants illégitimes d'Anton Webern | Die illegitimen Kinder von Anton Webern
by Lilia Ollivier, France
Les vivants et les morts de Sarajevo | Sarajevo: The Living And The Dead
by Radovan Tadic, France
Le tombeau d'Alexandre | The Last Bolshevik | Der letzte Bolschewik
by Chris Marker, France
Living In Hillbrow
by Community Video School Johanne, South Africa
by Patrick Keiller, United Kingdom
Miss Frontier Mail
by Homi Wadia, India
Mongolsky sin / Mongol khuu | The Son Of Mongolia | Der Sohn des Mongolen
by I. Trauberg, UDSSR
More Time
by Isaac Mabhikwa, Zimbabwe
Nadzieja umiera ostatnia | Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt
by Halina Birenbaum, Poland
Nous, les enfants du vingtième siècle | Wir Kinder des 20.Jahrhunderts
by Vitali Kanevski, France / Russian Federation
Pickled Punk
by Hideo Yamaoka, Japan
Point de départ / Starting Place | Starting Place
by Robert Kramer, France
Rejs | Der Ausflug
by Marek Piwowski, Poland
Russkoje stschastje | Ein russisches Glück
by Jurij Chaschtschewatskij, Russian Federation
Rwendo | The Journey | Die Reise
by Farai Sevenzo, United Kingdom / Zimbabwe
by Walter Krieg, Dieter Vervuurt, Germany
Sátántangó | Satan Tango | Satantango
by Bé‚la Tarr, Hungary
Shiba | 18 | Eighteen
by Ho P'ing, Taiwan
Side By Side | Nebeneinander
by Peter Davis, Canada
Soyo | The Fang | Der Giftzahn
by Bayanzagane Baatar, Mongolia
Taiji Zhang Sanfang | The Tai-Chi Master
by Yuen Wo-Ping, Hong Kong
The Bands
by Egon Humer, Austria
The Last Klezmer, Leopold Kozlowski: His Life And Music | Der letzte Klezmer - Leopold Kozlowski:Sein Leben u.seine Mu
by Yale Strom, USA
The War Room
by Chris Hegedus, D.A.Pennebaker, USA
Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould | Zweiunddreißig Variationen über Glenn Gould
by Franc‡ois Girard, Canada
Tigrero - A Film That Was Never Made
by Mika Kaurismäki, Finland
To Those Who Found No Graves
by Wilhelm Hein, Germany
Trekking To Utopia
by Michael Hammon, South Africa / Germany (through 1945)
Tsuki wa dochi ni de te iru | All Under The Moon
by Youchi Sai, Japan
Ulibambe Lingashoni - Hold Up The Sun | Hold Up The Sun
by L.Lawson,B.Tilley,L.Dworkin ua, South Africa
by H.Corren,G.Weinbren,A.Maysles, USA
Will My Mother Go Back To Berlin?
by Micha Peled, Israel / USA
by Johann Feindt,Didi Danquart, Germany
Xin buliao qing | C'est la vie, mon chéri
by Yee Tung-Shing, Hong Kong
Xuan lian | Red Beads | Rote Perlen
by He Jianjun, People's Republic of China / Hong Kong
Youcef ou la légende du septième dormeur | Youcef oder die Legende vom Siebenschläfer
by Mohamed Chouikh, Algeria
Zuwuun zagyn bogd | A Saint In A Turbulent Age | Ein Heiliger in stürmischer Zeit
by Ts.Tserendorj, L.Sharavdorj, Mongolia

Kinderfilmfest / 14plus

A gólyák mindig visszazérnek | The Storks Always Return | Die Störche kehren immer zurück
by Tibor Puszt, Hungary
Binke kan inte flyga | Binkey Can't Fly
by Lennart Gustafsson, Sweden
Dream Express
by Jimmy T.Murakami, United Kingdom
Flyndra | The Flounder | Die Flunder
by Oeivind S.Jorfald, Norway
Hagelbäcks Matrast-Bygget | Hagelbäcks Essenspause - Bauplatz
by Johan Hagelbäck, Sweden
Hasipor shematchil behalviya shel nachash | Dreams Of Innocence | Mein Bruder Benjamin
by Dina Zvi Riklis, Israel
Kalle og englene | Carl And The Angels | Kalle und die Engel
by Ole Björn Salvesen, Norway / Sweden
by Arend Agthe, Germany
Lavanya preeti | Loving hearts | Der kleine Poet
by A.K. Bir, India
Le ballon d'or | Der goldene Ball
by Cheik Doukoure, France
Luzie taucht unter | Luzie Goes Underground
by B.Kirchner, A.Schatz, Germany
Musical Max
by Virginia Wilkos, USA
Nan va sher | Bread And Poem | Brot und Poesie
by Kiumars Pourahmad, Iran
No Worries | Matilda Bell
by David Elfick, Australia
Ouchi | A House | Ein Haus
by Koji Yamamura, Japan
Posledniye Kholoda | The Last Cold Days | Die letzten kalten Tage
by Bulat Kalymbetov,Bulat Iskakov, Kazakhstan
Sarahsarà | Sarah siegt
by Renzo Martinelli, Italy
S dobrim utram! | Good Morning! | Guten Morgen!
by A. Ushakov, Russian Federation
The Very Quiet Cricket
by Andrew Goff, United Kingdom
Tscherwona tschaschetschka | The Little Red Cup | Das Rottässchen
by Constantin Baranov, Ukraine
Xing Yun Sou Suo | Auf der Suche nach dem Glück
by Luo Xiaoling, People's Republic of China
Za zui zi | An Innocent Babbler | Der Schwätzer
by Liu Miaomiao, People's Republic of China


by Arthur Maria Rabenalt, Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
As You Desire Me
by George Fitzmaurice, USA
Between Two Women
by George B. Seitz, USA
Blind Husbands | Du sollst nicht begehren
by Erich von Stroheim, USA
Five Graves To Cairo
by Billy Wilder, USA
Foolish Wives | Närrische Frauen
by Erich von Stroheim, USA
Friends And Lovers
by Victor Schertzinger, USA
by Fedor Ozep, France
Greed | Gier nach Geld
by Erich von Stroheim, USA
Heller In Pink Tights | Die Dame und der Killer
by George Cukor, USA
I Was An Adventuress
by Gregory Ratoff, USA
La danse de mort
by Marcel Cravenne, France
La foire aux Chimères | Der blinde Engel/ König der Banknotenfälscher
by Pierre Chenal, France
La grande illusion | Die große Illusion
by Jean Renoir, France
L'alibi | The Alibi | Alibi
by Pierre Chenal, France
Le monde tremblera / La revolte des vivants
by Richard Pottier, France
L'envers du paradis
by Edmond T. Gréville, France
Les disparus de Saint-Agil | Das Geheimnis von St.Agil
by Christian-Jaque, France
Le signal rouge | Rote Signale
by Ernst Neubach, France
Macao, l'enfer du jeu | Die Spielhölle von Macao
by Jean Delannoy, France
Mademoiselle Docteur
by Edmond T. Gréville, United Kingdom
by Edmond T. Gréville, France
Merry-Go-Round | Rummelplatz des Lebens
by Erich von Stroheim, USA
Old Heidelberg | Alt Heidelberg
by John Emerson, USA
by Robert Siodmak, France
Portrait d'un assassin
by Bernard-Roland, France
Queen Kelly
by Erich von Stroheim, USA
Screen Snapshots
by Harry Beaumont, USA
Souls for Sale
by Rupert Hughes, USA
Storm Over Lisbon
by George Sherman, USA
Sunset Boulevard | Boulevard der Dämmerung
by Billy Wilder, USA
by Lupu Pick, Germany (through 1945)
by Sam Taylor, USA
by Bernard-Dechamps, France
The Crime Of Dr. Crespi
by John H. Auer, USA
The Devil Doll
by Tod Browning, USA
The Great Flamarion
by Anthony Mann, USA
The Great Gabbo | Der große Gabbo
by James Cruze, USA
The Heart Of Humanity
by Allen Holubar, USA
The Lost Squadron
by G.Archainbaud,P.Sloane, USA
The Man You Loved To Hate | Der Mann mit dem bösen Blick
by P.Montgomery,R.Koszarski, USA / Germany (Federal Republic from 1949)
The Mask Of Dijon
by Lew Landers, USA
The Merry Widow | Die lustige Witwe
by Erich von Stroheim, USA
The North Star
by Lewis Milestone, USA
The Unbeliever
by Alan Crosland, USA
The Wedding March
by Erich von Stroheim, USA
by Robert Wiene, France
Walking Down Broadway / Hello Sister! | Walking Down Broadway | Hello Sister!
by Alfred Werker, USA