My Father - Rua Alguem 5555

Belém in Brazil in the year 1977. A dry, dusty heat weighs heavily on the shabby street where a young European man is about to meet his father for the first time. Thirty-five-year-old Hermann is uncertain and doesn’t quite know what to expect from this long-awaited meeting. Hermann grew up not knowing his father. A series of lies and excuses, followed by insinuations and hidden suggestions serve to awaken Hermann’s suspicions. And then, one day, his worst thoughts are confirmed: his father was indeed the “Angel of Death” – a man sought for mass murder, human experiments, torture and murder in German concentration camps.
However, the man Hermann encounters is anything but a monster; rather, he is a charismatic man, cultivated, well-educated – and completely unscathed. The past, his crimes, his flight, a new identity and a new life have not left so much as a mark on him. On the contrary, Hermann’s father sees himself as a victim and simply cannot comprehend why his son wants him to give himself up. One long, final discussion brings no clarity to the situation. Hermann leaves his father in the certain knowledge that he will never see him again; he also feels guilty on account of the knowledge of his crimes. And yet, although he will never be able to reconcile himself with his father’s actions, he will never betray his father’s whereabouts.
by Egidio Eronico
with Charlton Heston, Thomas Kretschmann, F. Murray Abraham
Italy 2002 108’

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