Texas - Kabul

A political road movie; a journey round the world in search of common sense in times of war. At the same time, this documentary is also a journey into the past: the ruins of Kabul are a reminder of devastated German cities after the Second World War.
This is a film born of a state of emergency – both external and internal. Profoundly disturbed by the announcements of war in the wake of the tragedy of 9/11 in New York, the film’s director sets out on a journey in search of allies – like minds capable of level-headed, considered thoughts and actions in the face of sheer panic. She finds four women in four different countries.
In New Delhi she meets 43-year-old novelist Arundhati Roy, who, in spite of her overwhelming success as a writer, has elected to stop writing and dedicate her efforts to the struggle against war and globalisation.
Serbia is the home of 50-year-old novelist Stascha Zajovic, who founded the group, “Women in Black”, in Belgrade under Milosovic’s dictatorship.
The next stop is Kabul, where 45-year-old Jamila Muhajed, the publisher of Afghanistan’s only women’s magazine, “Malalai”, describes the horrific events of recent years in her country.
Sissy Farenthold from Houston is a 76-year-old former professor of law and an ex-politician. The war in Vietnam prompted her to break off her career and fight for human rights instead.
This film is the result of a deep sense of unease; it also seeks to provoke unease and move people to act.
Production notes.
by Helga Reidemeister Germany 2003 94’

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