Traffic Affairs
Three cars and three different stories. A journey.
One summery Friday evening, Peter picks up his passengers, Carolin and Hilal, from the car share office. A sales rep for beachwear, Peter is always on the move from one city to another. He is grateful to have someone along in the car to take the tedium out of motorway driving.
At the same time, Sylvester and Fabian are getting into Katharina’s car at a parking lot in Kassel. Fabian wants to escape his humdrum small town existence for the weekend. He is looking forward to the clubs and to perhaps finding someone with whom he can fall in love.
Loubelle and her daughter, Rosa, stop at motorway services a few kilometres away. Loubelle doesn’t make a habit of taking hitchhikers, but today she decides to make an exception . . .
TRAFFIC AFFAIRS interweaves stories of people who meet for the first and probably last time in their lives. A cheerful but also melancholy portrait of a series of brief encounters; stories about the lives of people sitting together for a few hours within the confines of a car.
by Nicolai Albrecht
with Ulrich Matthes, Anna Brüggemann, Ivan Shvedoff
Germany 2003 90’

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