Justin and his father Dieudonné have come to Belgium as illegal immigrants. Desperate not to miss a crucial football match on television, they one day tap into a neighbour’s cable connection and are delighted to be able to enjoy Congolese centre forward Emile M’Penza in all his glory. But then the furious neighbours come upstairs, chuck the television out of the window and give Dieudonné a pummelling. Dieudonné is caught by the police and deported. Justin is offered a place to stay by die-hard anarchist Frans and his girlfriend. Frans tells the boy he shouldn’t stand for the way his father has been treated. He urges him to take up the struggle against such a degenerate system and try to get Dieudonné back again. As luck would have it, Frans even has quite a stock of explosives – a hangover from his more turbulent days as an activist. Justin begins to believe that people might begin to sit up and take notice of him after a big bang – all he needs is to find the right place to put the explosives. The dam might well be the perfect target. And Frans has enough dynamite for an explosion that just might make it onto the evening news.
by Dominique Standaert
with Kalomba Mbuyi, Jan Decleir, Antje De Boeck, Ansou Diedhiou
Belgium 2002 104’ empfohlen ab 9 Jahren

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Brussels Ave Sprl

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