Fala Tu

Fala Tu - Lives Of Rhyme
Macarrão, Combatente and Toghum are in their early twenties or thirties; they all live in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Filmmaker Guilherme Coelho accompanied these three rappers with his camera for a period of nine months, observing them going about their day-to-day lives. The resulting film demonstrates the way in which hip hop music has influenced the lives of these young men; moreover, it shows how hip hop has enabled them to express their personal experiences in their music and lyrics and bring about some form of change to their lives.
The film takes us on a journey through Rio, accompanied by this trio of musicians. Coehlo shows them at their various workplaces, but also in meagre-looking, makeshift studios and at various pirate radio stations. The filmmaker also follows the protagonists when they take part in religious ceremonies or attend family get-togethers. However, above all we see them in their own personal environments.
The intimacy of the filmmaker’s observations of both daily routine but also of unexpected events is the strength of this personal portrait of three young people trying to make the best of their lot in life. Guilherme Coelho’s documentary is a highly sensitive insight into what it takes to try and make something of your life if you happen to live in Rio – in short, what it means to rap in Rio.
by Guilherme Coelho Brazil 2003 74’

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