Memories of Rain Szenen aus dem Untergrund

MEMORIES OF RAIN tells the story of Jenny C. and Kevin Q., two South Africans, she from the white world, he from the black, who fought as commanders in the intelligence service of the African National Congress (ANC) against the Apartheid government. The film is not a historical study of the armed struggle of the ANC but the story of two people’s personal experiences, of how they grew up and became involved in the underground, of their goals and ideals and of the struggle to maintain them when confronted with the dark side of a military conflict. It is a story of a life spent in exile which leads Kevin through the military camps in Angola and Jenny through intelligence training in the former German Democratic Republic in East Berlin.
It is also the story of working underground inside South Africa itself, of a life spent in camouflage, of being cut off from normal society, a life of self-discipline so rigid that it threatens to destroy spontaneity. In the attitudes and experiences of Jenny and Kevin, and of those around them, a picture emerges of humanity and bravery, of dedication and sacrifice. But their lives are fraught, too, with pain and guilt, with doubt and disappointment as the contradictions of an armed struggle unfold around them.
Shooting began in 1994 when South Africa elected their first democratic government. The film will have its world premiere in the International Forum.
by Gisela Albrecht, Angela Mai Germany / South Africa 2003 183’

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