Berlinale: WCF ACP


Application Deadlines

  • Production funding: end of February 2022 and July 2022
  • Distribution funding: submission open only for films that will have their theatrical release in German cinemas in 2021

With support from the ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States), the World Cinema Fund (WCF) will launch a new programme in 2020, the WCF ACP.

We look forward to submissions from the Pacific, which until now has not been included in the WCF funding regions.

The WCF ACP provides an additional financing opportunity for projects from WCF and ACP regions. It will supplement financing for projects that have been recommended for funding by the WCF or WCF Africa jury. Thus, production funding granted to these projects can be doubled or even tripled.

For example: A project receives 40,000 Euros from WCF Africa. With the additional support from WCF ACP, the total amount can be increased to 120,000 Euros. The WCF/ WCF Africa jury is responsible for approving these additional funds .

Eligible for additional WCF ACP support are projects with a co-production structure that includes at least two co-producers from WCF ACP regions by the time of contracting.

Developing co-productions between German/ European producers and directors from WCF regions as well as within WCF regions has always been the goal of the WCF’s funding strategy. Support from WCF ACP puts this theory into practice as co-operations between countries of one or multiple WCF regions will be a deciding factor for the realisation of the film projects.

The WCF is happy to help motivate this type of collaboration and excited to play a part in strengthening and supporting the film industries of the regions in question towards independence .

In Africa, for example, many films are already made by passionate African producers and filmmakers collaborating across borders. The WCF ACP programme enables us to offer a solid foundation for the existing, but often precarious, structures.

It is the WCF’s aim for more films to be realised through collaborations that don’t necessarily include a European producer but are co-produced instead between and across the African, Caribbean and Pacific regions.


Feature films and creative feature-length documentaries from eligible WCF regions and countries are entitled for submission.

Companies from the ACP regions can apply if, at the time of application, they can prove they are collaborating with a director from the same region, and by the time of contracting will be co-producing with a production company from the ACP regions.

Please note that films with ACP funds can be supported with up to 200,000 Euros. However, this will only take effect if other ACP funding institutions outside of the Berlinale WCF (for example CNC and OIF ) are supporting the same project.

The WCF will contract with German co-producers and production companies from the ACP or other regions who can prove a co-production with the applicant.

To receive production support from the WCF it is necessary that the respective film’s script must be production ready, there should be financing in place and principal photography must begin, at the latest, within nine months of the funding submission deadline.

  • The Online Submission Form Production will be activated just in time for the next submission period.

The complementary programme WCF ACP EU Culture is funded with the financial contribution of the European Union and the support of the Secretariat of the ACP Group of States


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