Unemployed, without hope, and looking to leave the country for want of better options – young men are swelling the ranks of gangs in the Kara-Kara district, that sow violence in Zinder, my home town in Niger. The majority are the children of lepers, unregistered and deprived of their right to an education. They go unnoticed, until the day they rebel. Locally, they are known as the “Palais” (palaces). They are a ticking time bomb.

Director’s note
Sinia Boy, Bawo and Ramsess accompanied me into this world of gangs and no-go neighbourhoods. The individuals that I have chosen to follow want better than the future that is lined up for them. Over several months, I will record their efforts to survive from one day to the next, along with their attempts to find their place in society. I see their street smarts, their despondency and their inventiveness. The film will explore the origins of the violence spreading throughout the Sahel region and the prospects for escaping it.

Director: Aicha Macky
Producers: Tabous Production (Niger), Les films du balibari (France), Corso Film (Germany), Steps (South Africa)
German WCF partner: Corso Film
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF jury meeting in November 2019
Funding amount: 30.000 €