White Building

Amid a city developing faster than his own body, 18-year-old Samnang faces the loss of his lifelong home. As pressures mount from family, friends, and neighbours, he comes to realise the history of trauma and power which divides the past from possibility.

Director’s note
Sometimes I don’t know whether I live in my dreams or in reality. I have a recurring dream about the White Building, the place where I grew up. My film’s protagonist, Sam, is a passive, dreamy teenager. Like myself, Sam is confused by the surreal images of Cambodia’s recent development around him. As his building faces impending demolition, older neighbours contagiously spread its trauma to Sam and his friends. Fear sets in and divides the community. But Sam is not trapped by a traumatic past. He and his generation dare to believe again. But is that enough to heal the wounds of the past, to allow the possibility of a different future?

Director: Kavich Neang
Producers: Anti-Archive (Cambodia), Apsara Films (France), Xstream Pictures (China)
European WCF partner: Apsara Films (France)
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF jury meeting in July 2018
Funding amount: 60.000 € (WCF Europe)