Whether the Weather Is Fine (Kun maupay man it panahon)

In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, religious fanatics, desperados, criminals and fleeing animals are loose in the city. Miguel, a desperate son roams the ruins in search of the two women in his life: his childhood friend, Andrea and his mother, Norma. As soon as he finds them, Miguel tries to convince them to leave the unliveable city. However, Norma is fixated on waiting for her estranged husband Luis, and Andrea is entangled in a surreal situation, in which the typhoon survivors believe she is the saviour amidst this tragedy. Miguel’s time slowly runs out as a rumour of another incoming storm circulates – his freedom and even his life are at stake. He must decide whether to stay on to persuade his loved ones, or to leave town alone before the next disastrous storm devours him and the only home he knows.

Director’s note
My city’s horrendous loss collided with terrible personal demons, and I decided to make a film set during the aftermath of the typhoon. After the senselessness of having lost so much to nature for no reason, the characters inescapably lose their own sense of justice. In the desperate struggle for survival, all sense of humanity and morality are eroded, and to save oneself, one must destroy another. No one can stay innocent. The films speaks of a satire and a commentary of the absurdist generation we are in today.

Director: Carlo Francisco Manatad
Producers: Cinematografica (Philippines), Globe Studios (Philippines), Dreamscape Entertainment (Philippines), Iwant (Philippines), Plan C (Philippines), Black Sheep (Philippines), House on Fire (France), Kawankawan Media (Indonesia), Aand (Singapore)
German WCF partner: tbc
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF jury meeting in November 2019
Funding amount: 30.000 €