Time Was Endless (Antes o Tempo Não Acabava)

Anderson is an indigenous young man in conflict with the leaders of his community, located on the outskirts of Manaus. In this huge city in the heart of Amazon, the traditions indigenous people struggle to keep alive seem out of keeping with the contemporary lives they lead. In search of selfaffirmation, Anderson moves into the city centre, where he lives alone, experiencing new feelings and facing new challenges. However, the old shaman plans to bring him back for one last ritual.

Director’s note
Time Was Endless addresses the conflict between tradition and modernity in urban indigenous communities. The most populous indigenous ethnic groups settle on the periphery of the city, creating an alternative world – their cultures not fully supported by cultural programmes or socio-educational initiatives. In this context, the film approaches the dialogue between nature and the city, and the urban identity formed by indigenous groups through the coming-of-age moments of the indigenous and urban Anderson. As he discovers who he is, so do those that live around him in the community.

World premiere
Berlin International Film Festival 2016, Panorama

Key festivals
Berlin International Film Festival 2016
Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse 2016
Brazilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema 2016
São Paulo International Film Festival 2016

Brazil, 2016
Director: Sérgio Andrade, Fábio Baldo
Producers: Rio Tarumã Filmes (Brazil), 3 Moinhos Produções (Brazil), Autentika Films (Germany)
German WCF Partner: Autentika Films
World sales: Urban Distribution International (France)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in July 2015
Funding amount: 30.000 €