The Stoplight Society (La Sociedad del Semáforo)

Stoplights are hell for the people forced out of the countryside to beg in the city. One of them, Raul, a recycler alienated through his desire for absolute freedom and drugs, is set on using his cleverness to control the red traffic lights so that the street artists and vendors working at the lights can perform longer. This resembles his chaotic existence which turns into an ode to anarchy, despair and insanity.

Director’s note
I always insist, when introducing this film, that it is not political. It is not an attempt to redeem or explain the Third World to the First. I am neither an anthropologist nor a social worker. I am drawn to stories through revelations; I discovered a kind of social pyramid that existed among people living on the street, that reproduces the one familiar to us, with all its easily identifiable strata. I don’t feel I approached it with an apologetic or pitiful eye, especially as I began my discovery of this world.

World premiere
Cali International Film Festival 2010

Key festivals and awards
Prize of the Jury, Cali Film Festival 2010
Prize of the city of Amiens for best director, Amiens Film Festival 2010
Prize of the Jury, Huelva Film Festival 2010
Best Colombian Film, Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias 2010

Colombia, 2010
Director: Rubén Mendoza
Producers: Día Fragma Fábrica de Películas & Laberinto Producciones (Colombia), Ciné Sud Promotion (France), El Baile Films (Spain), Dagstar Film (Germany)
German WCF partner: Dagstar Film
World sales: Ciné-Sud (France)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in June 2008
Funding amount: 50.000 €