The Sky, the Earth and the Rain (El Cielo, la Tierra y la Lluvia)

The life of four solitary persons that live throughout the routine and silence in the south. They gather to eat, stroll by the beach, be transported in the ferry or simply carry along each other without saying a word. To a certain extent, they attempt to save themselves in a silent, furtive, extreme manner. They search for love, sex, non-existent family ties, private space and time not only to detach from the solitude that intimately constitutes them but rather, to finally find themselves. An absolutely visual, atmospheric movie where human being and landscape fuse. Solitude and isolation portrayed not as a negative consequence, but as an internal process of learning.

World premiere
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2008, Competition

Key festivals and awards
Fipresci Award, Rotterdam International Film Festival 2008
Bucharest Film Festival 2008
Paris Cinema 2008
Sydney International Film Festival 2008
Munich International Film Festival 2008
Durban International Film Festival 2008
Locarno International Fim Festival 2008
Lima Film Festival 2008
New York Latin Beat 2008
Special Jury Prize, Jeonju International Film Festival 2008
Best Film, FICCO Mexico 2008

Chile, 2008
Director: José Luis Torres Leiva
Producers: Jirafa Films (Chile), Charivari Films (France), Rommel Film (Germany)
German WCF partner: Rommel Film
Word sales: Memento Films International (France)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in November 2006
Funding amount: 40.000 €