The Road to Mandalay (Zai Jian Wa Cheng)

The Road to Mandalay is a cruel love story. Lianqing and Guo meet as they smuggle themselves into Thailand. Guo takes Lianqing’s place in the back of the truck and their fates entwine. They pass the checkpoints without too many issues, before arriving in Bangkok. Lianqing finds a job as a dishwasher in a restaurant while Guo works in a textile factory in the suburbs. Guo has feelings for Lianqing, but Lianqing suppresses hers and focusses on getting her Thai ID card.

They are two people with two contradictory personalities, however they seem to be bound by fate. Guo is always there for her, he is her lifeline.

Director’s note
Individuals who live in a group tend to keep pursuing a sense of security and existence. In society, the things that support this sense of security are money, material comfort, jobs and ID papers. Furthermore, some people need spiritual comfort like the protagonists in the script – Guo needs love in order to prove his existence, while Lianqing desperately needs her "papers".

How can people prove their "existence"? If we can’t provide any proof, to which group do we belong? To which country? To which ethnicity? In the end, Guo chooses destruction to emphasise and prove his "existence".

Venice International Film Festival 2016, Venice Days

Festivals und Preise (Auswahl)
Fedeora Award for Best Film, Venice International Film Festival 2016; Golden Unicorn for a Feature Film ; Toronto International Film Festival 2016; Busan International Film Festival 2016; Viennale 2016; Rotterdam International Film Festival 2017

Myanmar, 2016
Director: Midi Z
Producers: Flash Forward Entertainment (Taiwan), Myanmar Montage Productions (Myanmar), House on Fire (France), Bombay Berlin Film Productions (Germany)
German WCF Partner: Bombay Berlin Film Productions
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in November 2015
Funding amount: 30.000 €