„The Project of the Century“ (La obra del siglo)

Cuba, current day. Leonardo is thirty 30 old and has just moved back into the small apartment his father and grandfather share in the so-called Nuclear City – a town built to house the workers of a nuclear power plant which was never completed. As the town – already cut off from the outside world – is threatened by an epidemic of mosquitoes, the three generations attempt to coexist: a young man distraught by the breakdown of his relationship, an old man only interested in maintaining his precariously uncomplicated existence and a father who just wants to learn how to ride a motorbike. Three men who, unlike their pet fish Benjamin, have not yet learned how to breath under water.

Director’s note
I once had a goldfish called Benjamin who spent his days swimming back and forth in a fish tank that always seemed too small for him. The thing with goldfish is that they die if you do not regularly re-oxygenise their water. My characters are not so different from goldfish, even though they have longer memories. Three generations of men living in a town where the failures of the past are still visible, encapsulated by the abandoned dome of what was meant to be a nuclear power plant hovering on the horizon, the question remains to be answered - where does the problem lie, with Benjamin or the Planetarium?

World premiere
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2015, Competition

Key Festivals and awards
Hivos Tiger Award, Rotterdam International Festival 2015
Critics Award and Best Jury Price, Lima International Festival 2015
Special Mention, Ljubljana International Festival 2015
San Sebastian International Festival 2015
Grand Prix, New Horizons International Festival 2015

Cuba 2015
Director: Carlos Machado Quintela
Producers: Rizoma Films (Argentina), Uranio Films (Cuba), m-appeal (Germany)
German WCF partner: m-appeal
World sales: M-Appeal (Germany)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in November 2013
Funding amount: 35.000 €