The Pack (La jauria)

Incarcerated in an experimental juvenile detention centre in the heart of the Colombian jungle, Eliú is rehabilitating with other young offenders on a hacienda akin to a labour camp. This is a lush yet hostile environment for the boys. On his path to atonement, Eliú learns that his mistakes have placed his younger brother in danger. Fearing his brother might follow the same pattern of violence that landed him in detention, Eliú is once again overcome with fury.

Director’s note
In The Pack violence and death lie in wait for the boys, insidiously permeating them and hindering their ideal of peace, silence and life. This is a reflection on human nature, the constant fight between our animal instinct and our sensuous relation to the world, our wounded soul looking for protection and love.
The protagonist evolves in this surreal detention centre, reminiscent of a labour camp, lost amidst the jungle. He grapples in this ruthless Eden where fallen hopes and corruption become intertwined.

Director: Jorge Thielen Armand
Producers: Alta Rocca Films (France), Valiente Gracia (Colombia)
European WCF partner: Alta Rocca (France)
World sales: Pyramide International (France)

Funded in the WCF jury meeting in July 2019
Funding amount: 30.000 €