The Night Outside

South Africa, 1986. Patience, a black domestic worker, must babysit the two young children of her mother’s wealthy employers, who have recently lost their son in the Angolan border wars. Patience is soon faced with having to defend the children, the house and herself from the dead boy’s malevolent spirit… The Night Outside is a supernatural drama that explores the provocative nuances of fear, race and belief.

Director’s note
I grew up in my grandparent’s creepy, gothic house in 1980s South Africa, a period of social upheaval and violence. Within this context, all South Africans were trained in fear. The Night Outside is about this fear, and how fear can be contagious. As a suburban ghost story, it is the first of its kind in South African cinema: a film with a political message carried by genre. By using the suburb as its backdrop, the film suggests that this will be the country’s future, and as such, acts as an allegory for the way South Africans live now. Two decades after freedom, true liberation has not come to the national psyche.

South Africa
Director: Elan Gamaker
Producers: Saturn Films/ Fireworxmedia (South Africa), New Holland Pictures Two (Australia), One Two Films (Germany)
German WCF partner: One Two Films
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF jury meeting in July 2018
Funding amount: 49.000 €