The House under the Water (La Khaneye Zire Âb)

Two teenagers, Morteza and Taher, are involved in the accidental drowning of Taher’s younger brother. With this, an indelible seal has marked their destiny, linking them forever. Thirty years later, Morteza is just coming out of jail, having been suspected of murdering a child. Taher, who is now a police officer, at first thinks he is guilty, like all the others, but then finds out that he’s wrong and decides to prove Morteza’s innocence.

Director’s note
The screenplay is an adaptation from several of Bijan Najdi’s novels, whose universe is stamped with a magical yet poetically tinged reality. A universe where a couple can adopt a dead child to fulfil its desire of never having had one. And where a boot found under water is enough for a man to mourn his lost son who never had a sepulchre. Characters in shades of grey, in a country where things are too often black and white.

World premiere
Dubai International Film Festival 2010

Key festivals and awards
Dubai International Film Festival 2010
Moscow International Film Festival 2011

Iran, 2010
Director: Sepideh Farsi
Producers: Rêves d’Eau Productions (France), Neshaneh Films (Iran), Sweet Water Pictures (The Netherlands), Pola Pandora Film (Germany)
German WCF partner: Pola Pandora Film
World sales: Anniko Films (Armenia)

Funded in WCF Jury meeting in June 2007
Funding amount: 30.000 €

'House under the water'