The Eternals (Les Éternels)

Isfahan, present day. Sahar dies whilst giving birth. But then the young woman miraculously comes back to life a few days later. After mourning the loss of their child, little by little, life goes back to normal. However, Sahar feels profoundly different: to her horror she discovers an urge to feed on human blood.
One evening, after falling into a trap, Sahar’s bulletriddled body mysteriously vanishes. She wakes up in a large villa inhabited by a small, strange community of vampires – the “ Eternals ”. But the confinement of this utopian setting is unbearable for her. She is drawn back to the city, but soon realises that she can no longer be a part of its society. Forced to return to live with the Eternals, Sahar has no choice but to finally accept her condition as a vampire. However, she hasn’t reckoned with the determination of Reza, who moves heaven and earth to find his wife’s trail in the confusion of Isfahan.

Director’s note
With The Eternals, I want to tackle a film genre that is completely unexplored in Iran: the vampire movie. It offers huge possibilities for mythological, symbolical and metaphorical developments, notably due to the archetype’s sheer force. The story and characters of The Eternals thus allow me to question the different frontiers that mark out Iranian society, a society that falls prey to toxic oversimplification.

Director: Nader Takmil Homayoun
Producers: Ex Nihilo (France), Alias Films (France), Hossein Zaimi (France), Road Films (Iran), IGC Films (Germany)
German WCF Partner: IGC Films GmbH
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in July 2015
Funding amount: 50.000 €