Sur la Planche (On the Edge)

Badia and Imane live their lives amongst the army of workers. Peeling shrimps by day in a spotless shrimp factory then turning tricks by night, the girls make extra money by fencing meagre goods stolen from their nocturnal “clients”. Beyond Tangier lies the “Free Zone”, a symbol for global world sub-contracting. It is Europe on Moroccan land: close, tangible, accessible only to those with a work permit. One evening they encounter two other girls, who are slightly more advantaged than them in that they work in the Free Zone which Badia sees as a springboard into a more material world. Strengthened by their new friendship, the girls explore every corner of this new space and make it theirs from dusk to dawn.

World premiere
Cannes International Film Festival 2011, Quinzaine des Réalisateurs

Key festivals and awards
Best Film, Antalya Golden Orange Festival 2011
Marrakesh Film Festival 2011
Best Actress, Special Jury Award, Brussels International Independent Film Festival 2011
FIPRESCI Prize, Oslo Films from the South Festival 2011
Best Actress, Best Director and Golden Tauro, Taormina International Film Festival 2011

Morocco, 2011
Director: Leïla Kilani
Producers: Aurora Films (France), Socco Chico Films (Morocco), Vandertastic (Germany), DKB Productions (France), INA (France)
German WCF Partner: Vandertastic
World sales: Fortissimo Films (The Netherlands)

Funded in the WCF jJury meeting in November 2010
Funding amount: 30.000 €