Something Useful (Íşe Yarar Birşey)

Leyla (42), a lawyer and a poet, takes the long-distance train to attend her high school reunion dinner. On the train, she meets Canan (21), a young nursing student in distress. As the conversation develops, Leyla learns that Canan is travelling to assist with the suicide of a paralysed man, Yavuz (45), who wants to die. At the end of the long overnight trip, surrounded by the stories of people both on and off the train, Leyla decides to accompany Canan on her difficult visit.

Director’s note
Why does Leyla decide to accompany a man who wants to die, and a young woman who has taken on the difficult task of killing him? To help them? Because she is fascinated by them? Because she is fascinated by death? In order to have done something useful? When art exists as a powerful and magical tool for understanding life, why does the artist continually seek to do something meaningful?

World premiere
Istanbul International Film Festival 2017

Key festivals and awards
FIPRESCI Award, Istanbul International Film Festival 2017; Golden Boll, Adana Film Festival 2017; Seattle International Film festival 2018

Turkey, 2017
Director: Pelin Esmer
Producers: Sinefilm (Turkey), Mars Production (Turkey), Mîtosfilm (Germany), Les Films de l’Après-Midi (France), Topkapi Films (The Netherlands)
German WCF Partner: Mîtosfilm
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in November 2015
Funding amount : 40.000 €