Recycle (Ee‘adat Khalk)

What makes a terrorist? In Zarqa, Jordan’s second largest city with a population of nearly one million, it is a much-debated question. Zarqa’s political Islamists are a powerful force in this industrial center, and Zarqa was the birthplace of Abu Musa al Zarqawi, a brutal Al Qaeda leader in Mesopotamia before being killed by American forces in 2005. Inspired by his reporting on al Zarqawi and Al Quaeda for international news agencies, filmmaker al Massad returned to Zarqa, where he grew up, to make Recycle. In a deceptively calm manner, the film slowly unravels the hidden agents of terrorism: poverty, humiliation, lack of opportunity and religious doctrine define the daily rhythms of a man and his family, all against the backdrop of an era when jihad that spans the globe. Recycle suggests that evil acts can emerge from the most ordinary of circumstances.

World premiere
Dubai International Film Festival 2007, Muhr Awards, Official Competition for Documentaries

Key festivals and awards
Cinema in Motion Award, San Sebastian International Film Festival 2008
World Cinema Cinematography Award, Documentary, Sundance International Film Festival 2008'
Special Mention – Planete Doc Review, Warsaw Documentary Film Festival 2007

Jordan, 2007
Director: Mahmoud al-Massad
Producers: iSee (Jordan, The Netherlands), mec film (Germany), Jo Film (Jordan)
German WCF partner: mec film
World sales: Wide Management (France)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in November 2006
Funding amount: 30.000 €