Paintings in the Dark (Cuadros en la oscuridad)

Marcos is a 65-year-old outcast painter, who had to hide himself away during Argentina’s last military dictatorship. Marcos dies unknown but his legacy is not lost. A young thief and a greengrocer discover in his paintings a treasure that gives their lives a new meaning.

Director´s note
This story is inspired by the lives of my mother and father, Genoveva Edelstein and Armando Markovitch, who lived and painted in the midst of absolute political and economic marginalisation. They never exhibited their work during their lifetimes. Why ? The widespread economic crisis made it an almost impossible task. My father worked in a petrol station for almost twenty years and my mother gave art classes to children in the deprived neighbourhood we lived in.

Furthermore, as with most artists and intellectuals in the country, my parents were forced into hiding.

Many friends and family members were assassinated. Perhaps the military dictatorship not only killed people, but also wiped out dreams, creativity, hope…

Perhaps my parents were used to loneliness and anonymity. Nevertheless, even in isolation, they kept painting. Remembering my parents makes me think about the curious and unbreakable nature of the artistic impulse. It seems that no matter the period nor the place, human beings have never stopped feeling the urge to create.

World premiere
Morelia International Film Festival 2017

Argentina, 2017
Director: Paula Markovitch
Producers: Rizona (Argentina)
European WCF Partner: Staron Films (Poland)
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in November 2015
Funding amount: 45.000 €