Iris meets Renata and feels immediately attracted to her. She will have to overcome stigma, and struggle with insecurities, in order to experiment with first love. ONE IN A THOUSAND is a story full of tenderness in a hostile environment, where desire takes on many forms in the darkness, and gossip can turn into a hostile weapon.

Director’s note
In the dark hallways of Las Mil, the biggest love came by once; along with the good friends who helped shape a queer resistance on the periphery. I believe that we need more images that get closer, instead of lecturing, bringing about intense situations between the neighbourhood and the teenage bodies that resist and defile the fake condemnation of living on the edge on a daily basis. This film takes shape in the power of these encounters, defending a dissident way of life in the north of Argentina – unique and bright, but on the verge of disappearing.

World premiere
Berlin International Film Festival 2020, Panorama Opening Film

Key festivals and awards
Berlin International Film Festival 2020

Director: Clarisa Navas
Producers: Varsovia Films (Argentina)
German WCF partner: Autentika Films (Germany)
World sales: Pluto Films (Germany)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in July 2019
Funding amount: 30.000 €