The remains of a male body that disappeared during the years of political violence have been exhumed but are unclaimed. Now the only clue to identify him is the picture of a smiling girl found in his shirt. Only a blurred photograph, a snapshot of a time and a memory…

Director’s note
The finding of an unidentified body with only a picture in his shirt was a real case that I was told and happened at some exhumation sites carried out to investigate the killings that took place during the years of political violence in Peru. What sort of whim allowed a picture to be preserved for more than 20 years under the earth, when pieces of clothes are damaged over that time? The image of a blurred picture and the idea of the stubbornness not to disappear grew in my head. It’s not my intention to try to explain things. What I’m after is to focus on people, I want this story to be an elegy, a film about mourning and personal suffering, not only of the wife of a missing person, but also of a forensic anthropologist who is doing a job that consumes him little by little – a job that doesn’t give him any answers.

World premiere
Lima International Film Festival 2014

Key festivals and awards
Rome International Film Festival 2014
Palm Springs International Film Festival 2015

Peru 2014
Director: Héctor Gálvez
Producers: Piedra Alada Producciones (Peru), MPM Films (France), Autentika Films (Germany), Septima Films (Colombia)
German WCF partner: Autentika Films
World sales: Habanero Film Sales (Brasil)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in July 2012
Funding amount: 40,000 €