Men Who Save The World (Lelaki Harapan Dunia)

Men Who Save The World tells the ironic story of an African immigrant hiding in a small Malaysian village. His unexpected presence arouses the superstitions of the local residents, calling into question whether home is defined by the place you live or by the people who surround you.

Director’s note
My great grandfather came from China back in the early 20th century. He fell in love with the country, decided to settle down and called it home. He was an alien, and I’m a Malaysian. My country is full of immigrants. They come from all over the region, and recently, Africa. They are illtreated by my countrymen. Yes, I am from a racist country. And we do it openly here. Once I was travelling in a bus, an African took the seat next to a man and the man stood up immediately and chose another seat. It’s ironic how we discriminate immigrants while in fact, almost all Malaysians were once immigrants, who at some point in history, came to this country.

World premiere
Locarno International Film Festival 2014, Concorso Cineasti del presente

Key Festivals and Awards
BFI London Film Festival 2012
Best Film, Hayak National Film Awards Armenia 2013
Toronto International Film Festival 2014
Singapore International Film Festival 2014
Vancouver International Film Festival 2014
Busan International Film Festival 2014
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2014
Torino Film Festival 2014
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2015

Malaysia 2014
Director: Liew Seng Tat
Producers: Everything Films (Malaysia), Volya Films (Netherlands), Mandra Films (France), Flying Moon Filmproduktion (Germany)
German WCF partner: Flying Moon Filmproduktion
World sales: Everything Films (Malaysia)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in July 2011
Funding amount: 50.000 €