Los Perros

Mariana, a Chilean upper-class woman, is trapped in the role her father and husband have created for her. She finds solace in the company of Juan, a riding instructor and a former colonel with a shady past.

Director’s Note
Los Perros was born from the time I met Juan Morales Salgado, a former colonel turned riding instructor at an equestrian club near Santiago. We bonded over our love of horses. But
Juan Morales also turned out to be the head of a detention centre in which hundreds of people disappeared. He was eventually prosecuted in July 2011. Los Perros is the story of Mariana, a woman suffocating in the Chilean upper class society she was brought up in, and surrounded by ferocious men: her husband, her father, the colonel and the police detective. I consider the line separating good from evil to be finer than one might think. This is what separates the colonel, former executioner, from Juan the saviour: he embodies both crime and redemption, desire and repulsion, pain and ecstasy. By choosing to stay with the colonel against the will of her father and her husband, Mariana stirs up the mud of a past that taints even her own family.

World premiere
Cannes International Film Festival 2018, Semaine de la critique

Key festivals and awards
CineVision Award Special Mention, Filmfest München 2017; Horizontes Award, San Sebastian International Film Festival 2017; Best Screenplay, Cairo International Film festival 2017

Chile, 2018
Director: Marcela Said
Producers: Cinema Defacto (France), Jirafa Films (Chile), Rei Cine (Argentina), T erratreme Films (Portugal), Augenschein Filmproduktion (Germany)
European WCF partner: Cinema Defacto (France)
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in July 2016
Funding amount: 50,000 €