Killing the Dead (Matar a un muerto)

Paraguay 1978, during the dictatorship Pastor (50) and Dionisio (25) bury dead bodies illicitly in the woods in a systematic and clandestine manner. At the same time, in Argentina, the World Cup is taking place. One morning among the bodies, the diggers, find a man, Mario (45) who is still breathing. Both men know they must kill him but they have never done anything like that before. A storm is coming, announcing the winter season, while the destiny of the three men is determined during the World Cup final match.

Director’s note
My goal is to explore the military regime from its outskirts, draw a line between that space and time that is unknown to me because I didn’t experience it closely; I’ve only known its echoes. I am interested in small stories in the context of big historic events where the banality of evil is manifested clearly. Also where fear of the unknown and the paradox of the impossibility of killing – within a system designed for oppression – allows me a closer look of the human condition.

Director: Hugo Giménez
Producers: Sabaté Films (Paraguay), Zona Audiovisual (Argentina), Altamar Films (France), Pandora Film
Produktion (Germany)
German WCF partner: Pandora Film Produktion
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF jury meeting in November 2017
Funding amount: 40.000 €