Joint Possession (Indivision)

On the hills of Tangier lies the Mansouria, an old wrecked manor. The land is surrounded by clandestine shelters, home of the poor: “clandos”. Anis lives in the Mansouria with his daughter and his mother, Amina.
During three days, all family members gather to take a decision on the sale of the entire land that extends from the hills to the clandos. Amina is pushing the proposition of a real estate group. But at dawn, a first fire starts up on the clandos hills…

Director’s note
I spent my summers in homes with a history. As a young adult, my ears hummed a worn-out tune, one that all Moroccans know well; nightmares have a name: heritage, irrational bonding to a property and financial gain motivation, genuine affection and fake solidarity… Money, cash or dough. Mixing old and new. I always come back to Tangier, not the mythical bohemian chic Tangier. Extra-womb Tangier everchanging. Under your eyes, under your feet, all guts and cavity open.
One can’t escape rewriting his family history. But a cataclysm, a real drama, a revolution of the land could just as easily happen…

Morocco, France
Director: Leila Kilani
Producers: DKB Productions (France), Socco Chico Films (Marroco), Digital District (France)
European WCF partner: DKB Productions (France)
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF jury meeting in November 2017
Funding amount: 35.000 €