Fig Tree (Etz Te’ena)

14-year-old Mina lives in civil war-torn Ethiopia. One day, her Jewish family is presented with the opportunity to escape the war by fleeing to Israel. But Mina won’t leave her boyfriend, Eli, behind. Confronting the war head on, she makes desperate plans to save the love of her life before their childhood ends

Director’s Note
I spent the first years of my life in Ethiopia, sheltered under my grandmother’s loving wings. Through the gaps in her feathers I viewed a magical world, occasionally interrupted by horror. I was 10 years old when I left Ethiopia and despite the war, my incognisant last days in Ethiopia passed by quite normally. I would like to create a world similar to the one that has accompanied me since childhood. Yet the heart of the film will be Mina’s daily life. Through Mina, I’ll describe the surreal situation of building a normal life during wartime; one moment playing peacefully with friends and the next witnessing them being kidnapped. Above all, I want to tell the stories of the people that inhabit my memories and thus give refugees a face. While they might look as if they have reached their goal when they arrive in a new country, the truth is that for many of us, as for Mina, fleeing is not just a new beginning, but also the end of an era and a personal tragedy.

World premiere
Toronto International Film Festival 2018, Discovery section

Key festivals and awards
Eurimages Audentia Award, Toronto International Film Festival 2018; Best Cinematography Award of the Award of the Israeli Film Academy 2018

Israel, Ethiopia, 2018
Director: Alamork Davidian
Producers: Black S heep Film Productions Ltd (Israel), av medien penrose GmbH (Germany)
German WCF partner: av medien penrose GmbH (Germany)
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in November 2016
Funding amount: 40,000 €